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Welcome to The Alliance Mentorship Program



The Alliance is committed to elevating the skills and collective expertise of the dedicated and diverse professionals within the donation and transplantation community through effective mentorship and training. By reinforcing the collaborative relationships across the continuum, The Alliance Mentorship Program aims to establish an expansive network of healthcare professionals to support career success and longevity in our complex, high-stakes field.

This program engages knowledgeable leaders in the community with early-career professionals who need coaching, guidance, and education as they navigate their roles and professional path. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive mentorship experience that accelerates career growth and advances overall patient survival for organ donation and transplantation.

Join us now in the The Alliance Mentorship Program to start developing personal and professional relationships with others in the community who can help you learn and grow. Opportunities for participation include:

  • One-to-One Ongoing Mentoring: Partnerships that enable participants to engage in ongoing mentoring sessions that span over a period of 12 months or beyond for professional growth and guidance.
  • One-to-One Situational Mentoring: One-time mentoring sessions that enable participants to learn a variety of skills and knowledge from a range of experts within the field.

One-to-One Mentorship Program


Why Become a Mentor?

  • DEVELOP  feedback and critical thinking skills
  • GROW your network within the field
  • ADVANCE your leadership skills
  • GAIN better understanding of your areas of interest

Why Become a Mentee?

  • GROW your professional network
  • LEARN to navigate workplace challenges
  • DEVELOP your leadership skills
  • EXPLORE opportunities to advance your career

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.
 - Oprah Winfrey

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